Maintenance Fee Payment - File with BLM Only

       This is the form you will use to pay your 2019 Maintenance Fee on your mining claim. Just like a lease, which this is, you always pay your Maintenance Fee in advance for the upcoming mining claim year starting September 1st, 2018. By paying the Maintenance Fee, you have paid your lease for the next year in full, and you will not have to work on your mining claim between September 1st, 2018 and September 1st, 2019.

I highly recommend this for those with busy lives or those who live a long distance from their mining claim.

    Mining Claims
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20 Acres or below - $155                      over 20 Acres to 40 Acres - $310                    over 40 Acres to 60 Acres - $465

over 60 Acres to 80 Acres - $620       over 80 Acres to 100 Acres - $775             Over 100 Acres to 120 Acres -  $930

                                over 120 Acres to 140 Acres - $1085          over 140 Acres to 160 Acres -  $1240    

Use the EXAMPLE at right to fill out your form.

 1. Fill in your name and address at the upper left.

 2. Under the header, fill in number of claims listed and the total amount due to the BLM.

 3. On line 2, fill in Assessment Year "2019"

 4. Claim Name: Name of your claim.

5. BLM Serial No.:  Can be found right after the name of your claim on your Quit Claim Deed.

6. Acres in Claim: Also found on your Quit Claim Deed.

 7. Payment Due to The BLM: Check the fee schedule below for the fee for your mining claim(s).

8. If you own multiple mining claims in the same state, you may list up to 10 on this form.

    Other Payment Methods

      You may also call the State Office of the Bureau of Land Management in the state where your mining claim is located, and pay your Maintenance Fee with a credit card over the phone. You will need your Claim Name and Mining Claim Serial Number. The BLM will send you back a reciept for the transaction in a week or so.

      Another option which the BLM started a few years ago was to pay your Maintenance Fee online at their "PAYMENT PORTAL" which is on the main BLM website for the State your mining claim is located. The link for that website, as well as the fee schedule for your mining claim is listed below.


    Mining Claim Fees
  BLM Payment Portal - All States Except Alaska
         Payment Portal

      When you are done looking at this page, "X out" to return to paperwork page.

 Please Note that example page below is not updated year to year, therefore please remember to enter the upcoming assessment year of 2019 on line 2.