Maintenance Fee Waiver Certification
                                    File with BLM Only

          By filing this Maintenance Fee Waiver Certification (Small Miners Waiver), what you are doing, is essentially "promising" the BLM that instead of paying the 2019 Maintenance Fee, you will work on your mining claim for the upcoming 2019 mining claim year for at least one full day (for each claim you own) between September 1st, 2018 and August 31st, 2019.

 Please note that by filing this form, YOU MUST complete the work on your mining claim, or you will lose it! There are no exemptions for financial hardships or health reasons that might keep you from working on your claim. However, If you personally, are not able to work on your mining claim, you may have a friend or family member complete the work for you.

          I recommend this option for those who live close to their mining claim and work their claim on a regular basis throughout the year.

          This form is ONLY for those who own 10 or less mining claims/ sites/ tunnels nationwide. If you own more than 10, you must pay the Maintenance Fee for each claim / site/ tunnel instead.


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Use the EXAMPLE at right to fill out your form.

 1. On line 1. : Fill in 2018 and 2019.

 2. On line 2. : Fill in 2018.

3. Claim Name : Name of your mining claim

 3. BLM Recordation Serial Number:  is your 6 digit mining claim number which can be found directly after the name of your claim on your Quit Claim Deed.

 4. Name, Address, Signature: All claim owners listed on your deed must fill in and sign.

5.  There is no filing fee for this form, but it still must be filed with the BLM before September 1st, 2017.

6. Be sure to make an additional copy for your records.


                                                          Extremely Important!!

       If you are filing this waiver for the first time for this mining claim(s), you must also submit a "Notice of Intent to Hold"  for the "current 2018" mining claim year to the BLM along with this waiver form!!

ALSO: The BLM created a new Maintenance Fee Waiver Form this year. Be sure to use the form which expires January 31st, 2020!!

If you use the old form which expired October 31st 2016, your waiver will be sent back to you to do over!


 Please Note that example form below is not updated year to year, therefore use the updated text below to fill in proper dates on your forms for line 1 & 2.
 When you are done looking at this example, simply X out of page to return to paperwork page!