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      (Mining Claim Administration and Fiscal Year)
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The Bureau of Land Management's fiscal year always starts on the September 1st, preceeding the calender year, as shown by the illustration below.  


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      Most mining claim owners will make it a habit to file their mining claim paperwork towards the end of each mining claim year. (Typcally August, as shown by the yellow and purple arrows in the illustration above).
Even though there are different filing dates for certain mining claim yearly paperwork, the reason that I so strongly stress simply using the September 1st, deadline to complete and submit all your yearly paperwork and fees is to AVOID CONFUSION of what is already, a confusing process.
FOR EXAMPLE: If you were to look at the BLM Website for the State of California, you would see that the BLM actually gives you until December 30th, of each year to submit your "Proof of Labor" forms, for those who work on their mining claim.
If you weren't careful, you would think that you could submit your form to the BLM and County in October or November rather than the September 1st, deadline I recommend.
However, if you look further down the page of that same website, you will see that the "State of California" only gives you until September 30th, to file that same "Proof of Labor" form.
What that means is, if you didn't bother to read the "California" requirements and only went by the BLM filing date to submit your "Proof of Labor" to the BLM and County, your mining claim would be perfectly LEGAL as far as the BLM is concerned, but would be considered ILLEGAL as far as the State of California.
In a case like this, you would lose your mining claim if contested in court by another claimant!
This is why I consider it is so important to just stick to the September 1st, yearly deadline, and also to make yourself aware of the State requirements for your mining claim as well as the BLM requirements!
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   Different Filing Dates
 Mining claims on federal lands are issued and administered by the Bureau of Land Management.
All mining claim owners are required to submit yearly mining claim paperwork and fees to the Bureau of Land Management to keep their claim active. The "postmark" deadline for filing this paperwork is August 31st of each year.
The State in which your mining claim is located, also has a secondary role in the administration of your mining claim which requires paperwork to be filed each year with the County Recorder's office, typically for tax purposes. The deadline for filing county paperwork varies from State to State, so sticking with the BLM's September 1st, deadline is always the best rule of thumb.
Please Note: I always recommend doing all paperwork and submitting it at the same time to both the BLM and County before the September 1st deadline to prevent confusion.
Failure to file yearly paperwork and fees each year with both the BLM and  County, will result in the loss of your mining claim.

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