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      Location Date of your Mining Claim
      For new mining claim owners, it is important to know the "Location Date" of your mining claim to be able to complete your yearly mining claim paperwork correctly.

      The "Location Date" is the date your mining claim was created or "Staked". This is the date that valuable minerals were found in the ground, and that ground was "declared" a mining claim by the locator. This location date is the age of your mining claim, and is not to be confused with the Filing Date of your claim.

       The filing date is an arbitrary date in which your mining claim must be filed with the BLM and County, and has nothing to do with the age of your claim.

       When a mining claim is "Located", you have 90 days to file that location with the BLM. It doesn't matter if it's the first day, the 27th day, or the 90th day, as long as it is filed within 90 days.

       Different States have different requirements. In Colorado, for example, you have 30 days to file a placer claim with the county recorder. In Oregon, 60 days, and in California, 90 days.


       The location date of your mining claim is typically attached to the recorded quit claim deed paperwork you received from the Bureau of Land Management when you purchased your mining claim from us.

If you look at page 3 of the Quit Claim Deed paperwork that we sent to you after it was recorded by the Bureau of Land Management, you will find a copy of the original location notice that we filed when we originally located the mining claim.

       The example page at right shows a location notice and where to look for the location date of the mining claim in the first paragraph. In this case, October 7th, 2014.

        By looking at this date, and remembering the fiscal year information from the previous page, you now know that it was located in the 2015 mining claim year which runs from Sept. 1st 2014, to Sept. 1st, 2015.

       For new mining claim owners, you will need to know this information to fill out your mining claim paperwork for the first time.





    Mining Claim Serial Number
      Whenever a new mining claim is located (staked), as mentioned above, the claimant must file the location notice with the State Office of the Bureau of Land Management in the state the mining claim is located.

       The BLM then assigns that mining claim a serial number which is unique to that state. Each State office of the BLM uses its own designation for that serial number. For example, In California, the BLM State Office assigns a CAMC# to the claim. In Oregon, an ORMC#, in Arizona an AMC#, in New Mexico, a NMMC#, and so on.

 That mining claim number will stay with that individual claim forever, even if the claim is eventually closed.

        Whenever you fill out your yearly mining claim paperwork, you always file your paperwork with the State Office of the Bureau of Land Management where your mining claim is located.

         Be sure to always designate on your paperwork which state your mining claim is located by using the State designation, and the serial number, for example: CAMC# 123456   or  ORMC# 234567 and so on.

         If you purchased your mining claim from Western Backroads Land & Mining Co., your mining claim serial number is always found directly after the name of your mining claim on your Quit Claim Deed.



      Now you know the basic information needed to begin your yearly mining claim paperwork!