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        We live in one of the very few countries in the world that still allows average American citizens the opportunity to look for, locate, and own a mining claim containing valuable mineral resources that we can utilize for our own personal benefit just like you could 150 years ago when this country was opening the west!

         As our busy lives grow more chaotic from traffic, crowds, jobs, and the daily grind, more and more people are looking, and longing for the old days when life was much simpler and  more peaceful.

         A Mining claim can  offer a person, family, or group of friends the chance to escape the chaos and, if even for just a day or two, experience that simpler life as it was 150 years ago.

         The next few pages of this website are meant for those new to mining claim ownership or for those who are considering purchasing a recreational mining claim in the near future.

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Mining Claims "ARE NOT" a buy it, and forget it investment!!

        With a piece of raw land, you can pretty much buy it, and forget it. You will typically get some form of yearly tax statement from the county as a reminder, and even if you are late on your tax payments, you simply pay the late charge and go on with your busy life without having to worry about losing your land. And you can pretty much keep doing that year after year until you develop the land or decide to sell it.

         Mining Claims, on the otherhand, are quite different. Because a mining claim is issued and administered by the Federal Government, there are very strict, and unforgiving deadlines for submitting the yearly paperwork and fees required to keep your mining claim active on a year to year basis.

          It's not uncommon for a person to spend thousands on a mining claim they found online, only to lose it a year later because, in their busy lives, they forgot to file the paperwork, or did not receive the proper instructions from the person they bought the mining claim from on how to do it.

          Publishing this website is my attempt to greatly reduce the number of mining claims which are forefeitted each year by mining claim owners who are not aware of the requirements needed to keep their claim active, and those confused by the Bureau of Land Managements (less than user friendly) paperwork.


"Make" the time to learn about your mining claim!

        As with any worthwhile pursuit, make the time to learn more about mining claims and related subjects such as map reading, public land surveys (Townships, Ranges, and Sections), GPS navigation, mining claim laws, prospecting, outdoor survival, and mining history.

         Join a mining club or at the very least, a mining and prospecting forum or blog. The more you educate yourself about prospecting and related subjects, the more rewarding your prospecting experiences will be.

 For those of you new to prospecting and mining claims, please continue on to "New Owners 2".


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