Notice of Intent to Hold

         If you just purchased your mining claim from us, or you are an existing claim owner who has been making Maintenance Fee payments on their claim, and would now like to perform the labor on your mining claim instead of paying the $155 Maintenance Fee for the upcoming 2018 mining claim year which runs between September 1st, 2017 and September 1st, 2018, Then you will file this "Notice of Intent to Hold" form with both the BLM & County.



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10. Once printed, sign and date all  forms, as well as any additional owners.

Use the EXAMPLE at right to fill out your form. The information you need can be found on your quit claim deeds that you recieved from the BLM and County when you paid off your claim.

 1. Fill in your name and address at the upper left.

 2. Under the header, fill in the State in which your mining claim is located.

3. Mining Claim Year is "2018"

4. "Check" the box that applies to your mining claim.

 5. MC#: is your 6 digit mining claim number which can be found directly after the name of your claim on your Quit Claim Deed.

 6. Claim Name: Name of your claim

7. County:  Where your claim is located.

8. Recorder# is stamped at upper right corner of the "county" quit claim deed that was sent to you.

  9. Township, Range, Section, and Meridian are all found on your quit claim deed.

 8. Under the claim information, fill in your personal information again.

 9. Now print the copies you need plus 1 for your records.

 File with County & BLM

For those who own mining claims in OREGON: scroll down to bottom of page for a revised  form that will save you money when filing with the County Recorder!!

For those who own OREGON MINING CLAIMS

When you are done looking at this page, "X out" to return to paperwork page.

County Recorders in the State of Oregon do not recognize "Notices of Intent to Hold" . When filing mining claim paperwork. They only file under yearly "Assessment Work", which means, if you file the form above for your yearly paperwork, you will pay the full filing fee of $54 in most Oregon counties. However, the filing fee for a mining claim "Assessment Form" is only $26. That's a savings of $28 per claim!

The form I created is "exactly" like the example form above, and you will fill it out "exactly" the same way. The only difference is the Header where I have changed the name from "Notice of Intent to Hold" to "Affidavit of Annual Assessment Work" short form.

Click the button below for a copy of this form. Remember, this form is "ONLY" for County Recorder Use.

For the BLM in Oregon, you still must use the "Notice of Intent to Hold" shown above.


Please Note: Just like the regular Annual Assessment Work form, this form will need to be notarized!!

Please Note:Example Page below is not updated year to year, therefore please remember to update the  "Mining Claim Year" on your blank form to 2018!