Yearly Mining Claim Paperwork - Current Year 2018
                            Last Edited May 13th, 2018
    Mining Claims
      New Owners
 If you recently purchased a mining claim from us, and you know you can work on your claim for at least 1 day for the upcoming 2019 mining claim year between September 1st 2018, to September 1st 2019 rather than pay the yearly $155 maintenance fee.

You've owned your claim for a year or more, and paid the $155 Maintenance fee for the current 2017 mining claim year, but now would like to work on your claim for the upcoming 2019 mining claim year instead of paying the $155 maintenance fee.

If either of these circumstances apply to you, you will file the following paperwork:

                                     To the BLM:                                                              To the County: 



            Example Page
  For existing claim owners who filed the Maintenence Fee Waiver Certificate (Small Miners Waiver) for the 2018 mining claim year prior to September 1st, 2017 and wish to continue to work their claim each year.
You will file the following paperwork: 
                                       To the BLM:                                             To the County:
            Example Page
            Maintenance Fee
             Example Page
              Example Page
   Now that your forms are completed
 Click on the links below for addresses and fee schedules for filing your forms with the BLM and County.
           County Recorder
 Make Copies of all paperwork you send to the BLM and County Recorder.  Also be sure to file all recorded paperwork sent back to you by these agencies. I recommend keeping a file folder for each mining claim you own, and keeping them with the rest of your valuable household paperwork. You might even consider scanning recorded paperwork to your hard-drive on your computer for additional safety.
PLEASE NOTE: The BLM's method of handling paperwork is a combination of electronic and hand filing.

As such, mistakes sometimes can and do happen!!

In the last two years, I personally, have had two seperate occasions where I was asked by the BLM to produce recorded paperwork that they themselves, should have had in their possession, but they either lost, misplaced, or misfiled.

Had I not been able to produce that paperwork to the BLM, ................ I, and /or the customers I sold my claims to, would have lost their mining claims!

Good, organized record keeping on your part, is critical to protect your valuable mining claim!

       Hi Folks, this is my attempt to simplify Mining Claim yearly paperwork in a way that is easily understood by all mining claim owners. Even those who have never done mining claim paperwork before. This webpage offers a STEP BY STEP guide to completing your yearly paperwork. It is meant for those who have purchased a mining claim from Western Backroads Land & Mining Co. 
     If you recently purchased a mining claim from another seller, you will need to contact that seller to find out what paperwork they filed on your claim last year, to be able to complete this years paperwork.
  Your Paperwork Choices
          September 1st, September 1st, September 1st!!!!!

      I can't stress enough how important it is to have all your labor completed (for those needing to do so) fees, and paperwork submitted well before the September 1st, deadline, preferrably July or early August each year.

      Most people who lose their claims, forget the September 1st. deadline,  file incorrect paperwork,  file partial paperwork,  or forget to file with the County.  And of course, there are always those few who think the BLM will just "magically forgive them" for being a few days late! ...........WRONG!! The BLM has NO GRACE PERIOD!!!   Don't procrastinate....... get it done!!

Please Note: I realize that the BLM allows until December 30th to file "Proof of Labor" forms. I still recommend having ALL paperwork filed before September 1st of each year to avoid the confusion of different filing dates!

      Notice of Intent to Hold     
      Notice of Intent to Hold     
      Notice of Intent to Hold     
PLEASE BE AWARE: If you choose the paperwork option above, YOU MUST work on your claim for at least 1 day in the 2019 mining claim year or YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MINING CLAIM!! There are no exceptions for physical or financial hardships that keep you from making it to your mining claim, or just plain forgetting!
 For new and existing claim owners who would simply like to pay the $155 maintenance fee for the 2019 mining claim year and not have to worry whether they make it out to their mining claim or not.
(Recommended for those who live a long distance from their mining claim, such as out of state claim owners)

You will file the following paperwork: 

                         To the BLM:                                                                 To the County:

            Maintenance Fee
   Make Copies of Everything!
           Example Page
Read from the following 3 choices below that apply to your mining claim, then click on the links to download the forms. Scroll to the bottom of this page for examples of how to fill out each page and links to BLM & County Addresses and Paperwork fees.