Affidavit Of Annual Assessment Work

            File with BLM and County

         Commonly called the "Proof of Labor", the Affidavit of Annual Assessment Work is used to document the work you performed on your mining claim for this current 2018 mining claim year which will be coming to an end on August 31st, 2018. 

          If you are using this form, it means you filed a Maintenance Fee Waiver Certification (Small Miners Waiver) with the paperwork you submitted last year to the BLM before September 1st, 2017.

          Hopefully, your labor on your mining claim is now complete and you are ready to fill out this form. If not, you should be scheduling a time to work on your claim well before the September 1st, 2018 deadline ........... .......or you will lose your mining claim!!!  No Exceptions!!  The BLM DOES NOT have a grace period!

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17. Once you have the form notarized, make 2 copies, 1 for the BLM, and 1 for your records. The "Original" notarized form "always" goes to the County. Send the Copy to the BLM.

Once again, I recommend using USPS Priority Mail with a tracking number for all mail to the BLM & County.

When you are done looking at this page, "X out" to return to paperwork page.

        The BLM's Affidavit Of Annual Assessment Work is 3 pages long. But since the 3rd page is a notary page, I am just using the first two pages for the EXAMPLE at right to fill out your form.

 1. Fill in your name and address at the upper left.

 2. Under the header, fill in the number of claims listed.

 3. Total Due BLM:  $10 for each claim listed.

 4. Line 1: Fill in "2018", then the "County", and "State" where your claim is located.

5. BLM Serial Number:  Can be found directly behind the name of your mining claim on your Quit Claim Deed.

6. Name of Claim:

7. Township, Range, Section, and Meridian are all found on your quit claim deed.

8. County Recordation: Found on the upper right of your Quit Claim Deed recorded by the County.

 9.  Date: Found right after county recordation number.

                                  Page Two

10. Description of Work Performed: List the work you did on your claim.

11. Value of Work Performed: Use $100 for an 8 hour day as a guide. (you must equal or exceed $100 per claim).

12. Date Worked Was Performed: Pretty self explainitory.

13. Line 3.: Names and addresses of all who performed the labor.

14. Line 4.: Names and addresses of all who own the claim.

15. Line  5.: Date all monuments and markers were erected and / or posted.

                                Page Three

16. Notary Page: Is signed by the owner / administrator of the mining claim in the presence of a notary.

  What Counts as Labor

         Typically any form of prospecting counts as labor including, dredging, high banking, sluicing, backhoe & trommel operation, and pretty much any method used to extract valuable minerals from the ground.

Besides prospecting and mining operations, anything that "improves the condition" of the mining claim is also generally accepted as labor, such as trash cleanup, trail clearing, access road improvements, and replacing old claim markers with new ones.


           Please Note: If you have two or more contiguous (connected) mining claims that share a common border along the sides or ends (not corner to corner), you may list them on this page. Be sure to add the additional fee for each claim.


  Please note that example pages below are not updated year to year, so be sure
to enter the current "2018" mining claim year on your blank form!!